30 June 2019 RSCIT Exam Important Questions

30 June 2019 RSCIT Exam Important Questions Model Test Paper or instructions for RS-CIT Answer Key of RSCIT Exam 2019 will mention the questions which are asked in the question paper

30 June 2019 RSCIT Exam Important Questions RSCIT Exam 2019, Next Exam Dates, rscit online test

  1. Binary system is a number system based on –
    (A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 8 (D) 10
    Ans: (A)
  2. What must be in the computer to ‘ boot ‘ it?
    (A) compiler (B) loader (C) operating system (D) Esemblor
    Ans: (C)
  3. It is not a function category in Excel –
    (A) logical (B) data series (C) Financial (D) text
    Ans: (B)
  4. In Excel, it is an paririkaradid formulation which is to provide shortcuts for complex calculations.
    (A) value (B) data series (C) function (D) field
    Ans: (C)
  5. The low cost of store per bit is characteristic of the following memory of the computer –
    (A) Primary (B) secondary (C) hard disk (D) all
    Ans: (B)
  6. Which of the following is a program that changes the high level language in the machine?
    (A) Joiner (liqueur) (B) Samuchachayak (assembler) (C) Niravacitar (interpreter) (D) compiler (cranial)
    Ans: (D)
  7. Where ReplaceText option is available in Word.
    (A) File menu (B) View menu (C) Edit menu (D) Format menu
    Ans: (C)
  8. In computer hardware which is made of silica, it can put too much volume of data into the repository. He is called:
    (A) disk (B) chip (C) magnetic tape (magnetic tape) (D) file
    Ans: (B)
  9. To reverse your previous actions in Word –
    (A) Use the Cut command (B) to un-use the Command (C) press DELETE (D) re-use the command
    Ans: (B)
  10. What is the time it takes for real data transfer after request for data from secondary storage.
    (A) disk transfer time (B) movement Time (C) access time (D) data input time
    Ans: (A)
  11. Which computer is not in the following terms?
    (A) analog (B) binary code (C) chip (D) mode
    Ans: (A)
  12. Who can put the graphical images and pictures for the computer?
    (A) plotter (B) scanner (C) mouse (D) printers
    Ans: (B)
  13. What the business process of commodities on the internet says.
    (A) e-sailing – N – Bige (B) e-trading (C) e-Finance (D) e-commerce
    Ans: (D)

Computer Quiz
1. The Saving process – copying documents from memory to storage medium
2. The directory inside the directory is called – Sub directory
3. C.A.D. means – Computer aided design
4. Oracle – Database Software
5. Assembler’s function – converting the assembly language to machine language
6. The computer virus first appears in India-C-Brain
7. What is the name of the network topology in which each potential node has davidishiy links? – Mesh
8. The point at which the data enters or leaves the computer – terminal
9. The world’s first computer network is considered – arpanet
10. Linux is an example – of open source software
11. Restart the computer already running is called – Rebootig
12. The process of finding errors in software code is called – debugging
13. Part of the CPU that coordinate the activities of all other computer agribusiness – control unit
14. Adds data to the computer – input
15. Who is the data in the computer called? -Signs and numerical information
16. A.L.U. is the full name – arithmetic logic unit
17. The controller portion of the computer is called – c. P. U.
18. Establishes harmony between all parts of the computer – control unit
19. Microprocessor which is the brain of the computer, called it – microchip
20. ALU Operations – Arthmatic
21. A hardware device that converts data into meaningful information – processor
22. What is Cray? – Super Computer
23. What generation of Teleprosesig and Timesharig were used in the computer? – Third generation
24. Equipment that uses the handheld operating system? – PDA
25. How many types of computers are there? – Two types of
26. Point & Draw device called – mouse
27. Track Hair Example – pointing device
28. Soft copy is an output, so what is the hard copy? – Printed output
29. Secondary the process of copying software programs from storage media to hard disks
Says: Installation
30. In which memory are data kept power-ended? – Ram

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